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In the Section, i was telling about Singer YUI, so i wanted to start in this Section with presenting her.

Yui is a famous Singer in Japan. Before I go on, i think some Peronalities about herself will fit here.

Yui was born in 26. March 1987, Fukuoka. She began early to start with playing Guitar and writing Songs. While performed always in Parks and Train Stations ( in Shibuya, Tokyo). The other Street Musicians noticed her good Talent and advised her to visit a Music School. She accepted this Advice and visited a private Music School in Fukuoka. She could only practise at Night with her Guitar, but the Neighbors got disturbed from it. To solve this Problem, she drove at Night with her Bicycle to a Rice Field in Shingu. After two Years her first Music Video "It`s Happy Line" was shot there. So the first Steps to become Popular was made.

Now let`s come back to the present Time.

In three Years she brougt out 4 Albums:

  • From me to you (2006 / 260.000 Sells)
  • Can`t buy my Love (2007 / 682.600 Sells) 
  • I loved Yesterday (2008 / 475.500 Sells)
  • My Short Stories (2008 / 263.700 Sells)

A Notice a this Point to the Album "My Short Stories".

This is a B-Side Album. For everyone who doesn`t know what that means, i`ll explain it.

A B-Side Album was created, just to make Profit. You`ll maybe notice it, when seeing the Song List in this Album, beacause there is only one New Single "I`ll be" with new Pictures of her. The others are picked from the other three Albums. But Fans don`t care about it and buy it.

For everyone, who want start hearing of her Music, I paste three Music Videos of her.

Yui - Life:

Yui - Rolling Star:

Yui - Again:



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